Reconnect with yourself, mind, body, and spirit.

Mindfulness yoga is about learning how to be an observer who is present in each moment on and off the yoga mat. It teaches us how to come home to ourselves with compassion.  Every Body Yoga unites us with our higher selves, regardless of ability, age, size, race, gender identity, or any other trait. Yoga is the universal energy that flows through us all.

We are the universe experiencing itself.


Yoga is pure awareness

of the present moment.

Jennie   Tudor   Gray, RYT 500


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Fun at Yoga

Group Yoga Classes

Mindfulness based yoga classes in a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Trauma Informed, Yoga Nidra, and more.

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Yoga Classes

Private, individual yoga lessons offer opportunities to get one on one instruction and grow your own practice. 

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Mindfulness Based





Yoga Nidra





Yoga for Every Body

Community Yoga

Yoga for Body Image

Yoga for Addiction & Recovery

Adaptive Yoga

Chair Yoga

Youth Yoga

Yoga for Seniors

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Trauma Informed yoga

Yoga for Anxiety + Depression

"Your body is your first home:

breathing in, I arrive in my body.

Breathing out, I am home." -Thich Nhat Hanh


B.K.S. Iyengar


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About Me

Welcome friends,


I am an experienced and certified yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor and received my 200 and 300 CYT with My Vinyasa Practice to become a 500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. I am certified in and teach a variety of yoga practices including Vinyasa, Yin, Pre/Post Natal, Hatha, Restorative, Adaptive Yoga, and Trauma Informed Yoga. I have been teaching different types of styles of yoga to children, adults, and seniors since 2019 in person as well as online. In addition, I hold FA/AED/CPR certifications. I am based in Austin, TX with a record in health, teaching, and wellness roles. I also have many years as a certified all levels art teacher and I have always felt the call to become a yoga teacher too. I am eager to help students improve wellness through yoga and meditation instruction in a wide variety of Yoga styles. 



I am able to build effective relationships with students of all backgrounds and skill levels and am committed to always continuing to learn and grow through my practice. Hardworking, dedicated and supportive, I possess excellent communication and problem-solving abilities. I aspire to be a Yoga Instructor who is adept at working with each student's unique needs across a range of classes. I believe in wellness equity and am committed to serving diverse communities and experiences.



Jennie Tudor Gray, RYT 500

Yogi Jennie: Mindfulness Yoga for Every Body

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Yoga Stretches


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