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Why I Teach Yoga

Yoga is pure awareness of the present moment, and I teach yoga to help myself and others connect with the present moment for themselves, not only through an asana practice, but with a holistic approach including body, mind, spirit. Yoga teaches us how to come home to our bodies and lovingly connect with our higher self and remind us we are the universe experiencing itself.

Ultimately, I look at yoga as being of service to others. I have to give away and share whatever practice and awakenings I have with others in order to maintain my own spiritual experience.

Making yoga approachable and appropriate for every body, regardless of ability, age, size, socioeconomic status, race, gender identity, sex, gender expression-or any other trait-is one of the motivations in why I became a yoga teacher. For many years I have taught art to underserved populations that are often neglected from creative and wellness opportunities. My wish is to help provide yoga to more diverse communities. Incorporating mindfulness into yoga instruction helps students learn how to remain present and show up fully for their lives both on and off the mat. I am deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in my work as an arts educator and activist, and I am delighted to be able to continue that work through the Eight Limbed Path of Yoga. I have a variety of chronic health issues and yoga helps me so much, so I also wanted to be of service to share the healing energy of yoga with others who might have chronic pain, mobility, or other mental and physical health issues. I am eager to help students improve their health, wellness, and spirit through yoga and provide instruction in a wide variety of yoga styles.

Community is so important and those of us in the wellness and healing fields have a very poignant and significant role right now in the era of the pandemic. It is easy to feel isolated as we need to stay apart, but we are able to find creative ways to relate and share yoga with each other.

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